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Luke Warm has been working as a full time, professional Cartoonist, Caricaturist and Illustrator since 1992.  For the first 11 years he was based in London and worked mainly for newspapers and magazines in the UK and Ireland.  Much of this work was on business & finance, education, technology and political themes - regular clients included The Financial Times, The Irish Times, The Press Association, The Times Higher Education Supplement and the Sunday Business Post.

Over the years he's drawn Editorial Cartoons, Illustrations, cartoons for Advertising, Photomontages, Cartoon Strips, Pocket Cartoons, Conference Cartoons, Cartoon Character Development, Gag Cartoons, cartoons for Powerpoint presentations, cartoons and illustrations for Books and Websites.

There are a few examples of his cartoons and illustrations below


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Greencroft, Harton Cross, Hartland, Bideford EX39 6AE, UK

01237 441 559 / 0797 323 1577 - 9-5pm weekdays only

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